World Class Security Dogs

Specialist Canines Breed & Train Dogs For
Personal Protection, Commercial Security, Police, Military & Private Security Firms.

The Guard Dog Experts & K9 Security Training Specialists

Our dogs are bred from the highest proven quality European working line adults. We train our dogs for clients worldwide including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe & South Africa.

Belgian Malinois

Trained Belgian Malinois For Sale

Belgian Malinois thrive as working dogs and excel in the police force, military and security sector.
Slightly more aggressive than similar breeds & ideal for energetic owners in adult only homes.

Dutch Shepherds

Dutch Shepherd Security Dog For Sale

Dutch Shepherds make great personal protection dogs. They are family friendly due to their natural instinct to protect loved ones. Popular with police for tracking and scent work, crowd control and apprehending violent offenders.

German Shepherds

German Shepherd Protection Dog

German Shepherds are powerful, loyal and devoted family pets. They are the ideal guard dog for home protection. Content with daily walks and playing fetch in the garden, they require less exercise then similar breeds.


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