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Found 4 results

  1. Mark Williams

    Litter for Sale

    We have mated Hummer (Dhr. A.L Kok, Erlecom) BRN 17137 PH I 432 to our Hummer daughter Noose . Hummer is an extremely well bred KNPV Dutch Shepherd. You could not ask for more in a pedigree. He is a son out of the legendary Django Sommers bred to the equally legendary Arko Kikkert, Suttle’s sister, Noa. Hummer is an open and social male and displays no handler aggression towards his owner. He has an exceptional nerve threshold and settles easily when not required to work. As Hummer is a ¾ brother to Boris and Djaiko he also possess the same level of courage and hardness, with extreme drive levels and combative instinct. With his tiger/brindle markings, Hummer is a very impressive looking Dutch Shepherd. He is very agile with an athletic construction and weighs 39 kgs . Noose is a very good example of what her bloodline has to offer. Noose has high balance drives, good nerves and territorial aggression of the family property, an important trait that we like to see in our working dogs. When she is not working, Noose settles quickly and is a pleasure to own. We expect this combination to produce high balanced drives, good nerves and natural aggression. Our passion is to produce exceptional working Dutch Shepherds and Malinois’ from KNPV bloodlines. Therefore our puppies are very reasonably priced so others may have the same opportunity to enjoy these exceptional canines . Both sire & dam have bomb proof nerves. 4 Males & 4 Bitches Heavy Line breeding on 1-2 Hummer 2-3 Django 2-3 Noa/Arko Kikkert, Suttle’s sister 3-4 Max 4-5 Duco 11 These pups are priced to sell to working homes price at $1000 contact Mark on 0401 800 992 All Sold. Thanks for all the inquiries.
  2. Exciting litter due September 2015, Mother is Flora BRN 20842...see write up of Flora at www.younghaus.com She is exactly how her write up says. There is no smoke and mirrors or hype...which is unfortunately too common in the dog world these days. Here are some facts about Flora. She has been bred to Boris Doeze twice before, producing a very high number of service dogs for government organisations as well as an excellent brood bitch for Younghaus kennels...Many videos on YouTube of some of her offspring. She is highly rated as a brood bitch. This litter has the bonus of being Dual Sired...the other Sire being Elek van Younghaus BRN 21568 Elek is a powerhouse 67cm 41 kg. A dog with a lot of presence. He has sired a litter to a Flora daughter...the breeder said "One of his best litters" I asked him what stood out about this litter he said "Two things...Strong Nerves and Drive". If you have experience with these types of dogs and would like an opportunity to own a truly great working dog...don't hesitate to call me on 0425382158. When we start taking deposits for this litter,those that leave a small non refundable deposit will get a large discount on Full Price. Call me to find out more...I want these pups to go to people that are going to do something with them.
  3. Father is Lars (BRN 25065) Mother is Stella (BRN 24801). Lars is one of Chevy (BRN 19931) best sons. Pups born 2/12/14 These Bloodlines are loaded with some of the greats (new and old) like Tommy Luijken, Rudi Pegge, Arko Kikkert, Jary Berghorst to name a few. Pups are displaying very intense drives already...if you want to have some real fun... get yourself a real dog! if you are serious about getting to know this great breed contact me for more info. photos of pups to come Ph Steve Williams on 0425382158
  4. Thanks to the help from Jean and Kathleen from Van het Itterdal. I am please to announce I can now taking orders for pups for our first litter in 2012. I have sought Dutchies with proven performance and have now imported two titled dogs from Europe. Our first litter for 2012 will be: Sire Boris MRII titled Boris Sire Tommy (Luyken) http://www.bloedlijnen.nl/stamboom.php?ID=2541 Dam Digger (Steyvers) http://www.bloedlijnen.nl/stamboom.php?ID=2541 Dam Meggie IPO I Sir Harry Zuchtsttte Hollandse Herder von der Herdergang Dam Eclips van Neerland KNPV PH I - VPG III Eclipsvan Neerland Email me at info@dogsecurity.com.au