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    Involved for 20 years. Competed for 10 years in schutzhund trials. Part of show team in the 80`s.
    I have done suit work for about 10 years as well.
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    I started out in the early 80`s with my first dog, a German Shepherd,trained her in obedience as well as civil work. I was part of the clubs show team. In the 90`s I started at a club mainly dedicated to sport work-schutzhund, They roped me into suit work and did my `time` for the next 10 years, training, helping and learning along the way.
    I have competed for many years and the highlight being winning the National Schutzhund 1 competition in South Africa with a `show line ` male.

    I have bee
  1. Schutzhund club in Perth,WA

    I am looking for interested parties to form a schutzhund club in Perth. Not sure if I am able to post my contact details on here but lets see where this goes.
  2. Kottorps Fanta - Hold and Bark

    Hi,I have just purchased a pup out of Czechdogs Anika and Von Forell Saber.(Marko Z Blatenskeho on both sides).I must admit that I do not know this bloodline at all and went with some advise from Kris at Von Forell. (I have worked mainly with the Belgium lines and I do like them.) What can I say, she is a bundle of dynamite! Has great drives for anything that moves, has a nice food drive ,does not have an issue with textures, nicely focussed, she is not an over friendly bitch who runs out and licks all and sundry to death, but once she has a sniff she settles down and is fine. She does seem to be a lot more mature than her sister,who I have seen and hopefully will see a lot more of. Her sister is a lot bigger boned than her but mine already has most of her adult coat at the age of 11.5 weeks, whilst her sister still has her puppy coat. If anyone is interested I will gladly send updates regarding her progress as well as what these lines bring.