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    South Australia
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    All animals but especially dogs. Dog training and behaviour.

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    South Australia
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    I have trained dogs in regular obedience and also in rally o obedience and have also done ANKC tracking with my male malinois. I have also been involved in IPO for a year and am looking to title both my male and female belgian malinois in the sport.
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    I have always been interested in actually woking my dogs in various sports rather than showing them. With my two belgian malinois I currently compete in rally o obedience, dryland sledding, weight pull, lure coursing and IPO.

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I spend nearly all my free time training my dogs. I believe that actually working a dog is important. wether it be herding, obedience, agility, lure coursing or sledding or IPO. I personally feel that by working with a dog and training it you create a deeper bond and better understanding of each other which makes for a better relationship between the dog and you that then makes life much more enjoyable with them.

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