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  1. Julie Kopunovich

    Help! Dog Training Centre in Berkshire

    The professionals should have gone to your home, that is my point. The problem is at home, the dog is obviously exceedingly stressed out at being left alone. Training does not fix separation anxiety because the anxiety is directed to the owners - sorry but I feel you've been conned slightly and I would advise you to ask for at least a partial refund due to the lack of results IF they promised it would work. As for fixing proper separation anxiety in two weeks, if they can do that they're performing miracles. It's unattainable especially not providing you with a long term take home plan in order to ensure what they have taught the dog is passed on in the original environment that the behavior is occuring in. The RSPCA frankly do not know what they're talking about. Check chains are cruel but euthanising a dog because you don't want to use any sort of corrective methods and they don't work is not considered cruel - weigh it up. The logic is hideously flawed IMO. Your dog is defecating because it is very stressed, I'm happy to try and help as much as I can online as I have dealt with SA dogs before. Start with the behave paste like I said in the previous post, write me an email with details of your situation and I'll come up with a plan for you to start trying. Definitely try the paste though, it's NOT medication or harsh chemicals it's all natural to help the dog remain in a calmer state or at least take the extreme edge off the panic so it has a chance to think and learn. Have faith, I've helped dogs that have smashed through crates etc with success, no corrections required just work on your behalf inline_k9@ yahoo.com
  2. Julie Kopunovich

    Help! Dog Training Centre in Berkshire

    I dont understand how you expect boarding/training to fix separation anxiety? It doesnt, in fact it can increase stress as the dog is anxious about separation from you. You separate it, stress it in a new environment and it has no idea what's going on. In fact I'm not surprised it has escalated, because behaviorally the dog has not been treated at all. The only thing I would complain about is the fact they have charged you for something that was not going to solve your problem. As for legally, they have done nothing wrong by you at all. Using a correction chain is not illegal in any way, and as for what is advertised let me tell you one thing - there are clients that expect a lot in a very short time period. Your dog has a problem that requires long term behavioral help in order to manage and prevent reoccuing. You want that crammed into a very short space of time. Boarding and training facilities sometimes can be pressured to do what they can to get some result for the customer. As for the actual problem of howling, you have a toy poodle why is he outside? Why don't you put him in a nice secure room, comfy bed, bone to chew on and some food toys which his meals are in, radio on a talkback channel and leave him in there? Start teaching him while you are home this is his safe zone, go in there when you feel a bit stressed and chill, it will expand to when you leave too. You can also add Troy Behave paste 1ml in his food morning and night for the first few weeks then go down to 1ml per day as a maintenance dose. inlinek9.webs.com
  3. Julie Kopunovich

    Open Question

    Attitudes towards dogs and training are slipping here in Australia. I'm also a lot in the 'pet dog' industry we'll call it. We're expecting dogs to be ornaments more and more - house sizes are bigger, backyards are smaller, dogs are something the kids can use to learn 'responsibility' and entice them outside sometimes. That or they're 'furchildren' *gak* We're becoming afraid of normal dog behavior, we're pushing BS training methods that cannot control big, dominant working breeds and fewer and fewer trainers have those skills to keep them alive enough to resurrect it. No one wants to stick their necks out, and especially in places like Victoria rightly so. I recently went to a seminar with two trainers from Holland .... they're LIVING THE DREAM! There are 3 Schutzhund clubs and a few KNPV clubs just in one town, the council gives them purpose built facilities to use and encourages people to go. Families make it a day out and it's enjoyed culturally. Here? Twist someone's arm and set them on fire just to get their dog to walk on a lead properly. We're slipping bad. The wrong people have the loudest voices and the working people are suffering for it. Remember too the ANKC and GSDC both do not advocate Schutzhund or bitework so it is neither respected or encouraged, in fact you usually cop a tirade of ignorant abuse. And that happens when you're an island in the middle of nowhere with no competition and outside influence. We're so far removed we can't compare with the rest of the world on a decent scale and that's a fact. A very very sad fact though.
  4. Julie Kopunovich

    Genuine protection

    There's a lot of dogs out there of a lot of breeds that can be house dogs that protect - but can you as an owner provide a safe environment to house that dog and handle it? That is the bigger question you should be asking. I have 4 Malinois at the moment at my place, very protective and at the moment they're lounge around house dogs mostly, especially when I did my back.
  5. Julie Kopunovich

    Trainer Required

    Nathan is right, each state has their own laws and standards for private security. There are trainers in Melbourne for you
  6. Julie Kopunovich

    Hopefully Ill have a litter of puppies in February 2013

    ooooh dont tempt me Mon lol saying that I'm planning a litter this year when my own bitch comes into season again in a few months so do I'll be well and truly over puppies I think
  7. Julie Kopunovich

    "Agressive dog fixed in 5 minutes"

    If you can 'fix' it in 5 minutes it's not real aggression. That dog was reactive, yes, untrained, definitely and typically loud like most untrained and unguided sheps. Wonder what else he used in conjunction with the prong to quiet it up like that. Sitting in the middle of all of those dogs in the class room it was stressed.
  8. Julie Kopunovich

    This price is right??

    if the dog does what it was purchased for, healthy and lives a full life then it's worth whatever the owner is willing to pay. come on, breeding quality multi generational labradoodles are going for up to $15,000 these days, $3400 for a full papered rottie isnt that much. A few stud fees and he's paid back.
  9. Julie Kopunovich

    Heelwork to music

    The point was Kovacs that sentence is open ended enough to create a massive grey area. They have not drawn a definite line in the sand, and that is because the people that wrote it have no idea at all about dogs or their training.
  10. Julie Kopunovich

    Got to love their control

    yup if the neck isnt reacting the other head sure will with a good stim ... if you need to do that you're better off with a barrier
  11. Julie Kopunovich

    To operate or not

    bloody hell you poor thing
  12. Julie Kopunovich

    Finding a SAR prospect

    when was the last time we had an earthquake in victoria that brought down a building ... yes I see the fear factor in her ... mmm look at her ... die of fright you would lol God only knows why, that's what they 'prefer' and if we were to do obedience with her we would muck her up or something along those lines ... this is after he told them I'm a trainer and what experience I had. Take a look at the SARDA website, their callouts are few and far between it seems.
  13. Julie Kopunovich

    Finding a SAR prospect

    My fiance enquired about SAR here in Melbourne. He was told he was not welcome as a) we had a working line Malinois and that was not suitable (work that out) they prefer labradors and border collies the dog was to be under 12 months old and REALLY green, as in not to get any training but from them and c) not to get toys unless at training with them for SAR. Victorians only do rubble not bush searches (man trailing) as we were told. I can't have a perfectly good working line Mal do NOTHING for 12 months and then give her no toys to play with. I like my house standing and my dog sane. Broke his heart. So I'm opening my own dog school that will teach tracking instead out on a massive field and we'll eventually have days where we go out bush to the You Yangs etc and lay a track there for the dogs.
  14. Julie Kopunovich

    Working Malinois Litter - due Feb 2012

    your dogs are my girls aunty and uncle *waves*
  15. Julie Kopunovich

    Car chasing delight!!

    Why are you jerking the dog around on a sporn halter? They were not intended for that use and you can injure your dog, plus not being a corrective aid you are building his frustration and in turn increasing his reactions. Halters and harnesses are NOT corrective aids, they are simply levers to allow people to try and muscle the dog into position ... they will not decrease or extinguish a behavior only a true punisher can do that. You also purchased an animal bred to punch out drive in situations that the average pet dog would shut down too ... what good would a working dog be if a bucket of water and sporn halter sent his drive plunging? You need to use something like a correction chain or prong, then redirect the dogs prey drive to a reward item you are holding in your hand to reward the dog for leaving the car alone. Get yourself a very good trainer ASAP who KNOWS working line dogs before you create a bigger problem. If you already have a trainer who has given you this advice ... tell them to find a new career path.