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2018 International Working Dog Conference

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Shay Maimoni – Israeli Special Tactics K9 (above)

Shay Maimoni, Israeli Defence Forces K9 Special Trainer with over 17 years of K9 operational and training experience. He started training in the Israeli Defence Forces, and Counter Terrorism K9 units. The Israeli Defence Forces, which have been in constant combat for over 60 years, train to the highest level possible with an emphasis on real-life scenario based training for fully trained well rounded dog, and knowledgeable handler. Shay is a known speaker and has trained canines, handlers and trainers all around the world. Shay pays significant attention to K9 counter terrorism, S.W. A.T. Training, Tactical Obedience, Detection Training, Patrol and Decoy Development.

image.pngRobert Ivey – Israeli Special Tactics K9 (below)

Robert Ivey, is a Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol. He has held the position of K9 handler since 2009 and is currently handling his second dual purpose Police Service K9. In 2013 he was appointed the South East region as K9 instructor for the Florida Highway Patrol. He is a State of Florida FDLE certified K9, firearms, defensive tactics, and first aid/CPR instructor, as well as simunitions and taser instructor. He believes in forward thinking training and that K9 training is not just about training the dog but training the K9 team as a whole.


image.pngimage.pngMark Wynn - Boulder Creek Performance K9

Mark is a well versed trainer from numerous disciplines of Dog work.  Mark worked for the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department, MO as a K9 Deputy/Trainer and served under Sheriff Don Blankenship.  Mark was awarded Outstanding Handler of the Year for the State of Missouri by the Missouri Police Canine Association in 2007. 

In 2005, Mark started training his own Police Service Dogs to strive to provide better working dogs to Departments and Kennels in the United States.  He specialized in the selection and training of green dogs and training of Police Service Dogs in all phases of Patrol work and Narcotic/Explosive Detection as well as dog for Search and Rescue.

Mark has served as a Kennel Master and Trainer in both Iraq and Afghanistan and Jordan (At the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Centre) supporting the United States Department of State and Department of Defence fighting the war on terror.   While in Iraq, Mark was the Senior Kennel Master for the world’s largest K9 Contract managing 103 Explosive Dogs at the Baghdad Embassy.

image.pngimage.pngMatt Godwin – DNA K9 


Matt came from a family with a strong Law Enforcement and Military background and has been around working dogs since before he could walk. After 10 years of service in the United States Army, co-running a specialized K9 training program at one of the largest kennels in the US and patrolling the streets of a suburb in the largest city in North Carolina as a Police K9 Handler, Matt established DNA K9, LLC. Seeing the benefit and force multiplying capability first hand of what just one highly trained and motivated canine can bring to a unit, Matt recognized that not every company cares about their Police or Military Handler client the way he does and the proof was obviously shown in their product and skill set. Matt became very passionate about this... and decided after the best canines are selected, and after passing very extensive training and scrutiny, only then would they be sent to work the streets in an operational capacity. Matt considers the selling or passing off of anything less to be Blood Money and that you can NEVER put a price tag on a Handler's life just to make a buck. 



Matt now imports the highest quality canines in the United States. These dogs are hand selected from a well-known vendor in Slovakia that solicits only to select trainers and operational units across the world. The dogs are selected not based upon superficial qualities such as aesthetic appeal or falsified blood lines, but instead upon genetic qualities necessary to complete the police or military mission.



Wayne Ferrari

Number +61421911035


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