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Mark Williams

KNPV Dutch Shepherds Further WARNING

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On the breeding page for this site, Sam Torrisi owner of Mac (Dhr. S. Torrisi, Sydney, NSW, Australia) BRN is listed as breeding with Michael John Szita.
He has chosen to hitch his wagon to known scammer & convicted criminal Michael John Szita. Torrisi is further listed on their home page as an agent for them.
If you deal with these people expect to be shafted


Further to the above I just received a highly threatening email from Szita. Both Andri & myself have letters from NSW Police & Federal Police who state they are
after Michael John Szita but at this stage there's not much they can do as he has flied the country & is hiding in Brazil. They will prosecute him on his return to Australia


The threatening email has been sent to Police. Part of the email reads "l will dedicate a page on my site just for you"

That"s how KNPV Dutch Shepherds  do business



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Mark Williams, first of all I don't know who you are and you don't know who I am. How can you tell people that I will shaft them when you have never spoken to me, you have never met me and you don't know a thing about me. 

What ever your issue is with Micheal Szita has got absolutely nothing to do with me, so I don't appreciate you trying to tarnish my name by making false acquisition about me.

I don't know where you got your information from but I am not an agent for KNPV Dutch shepherds or for anyone else as a matter of fact. I represent myself and only myself.

(Not that I need to explain myself to you) but yes I will be breeding Mac to Tessa. 

Mac is an exceptional dog breed out of Boris Doez and Flora Younghaus. He was pick of the litter and one of the best Boris sons in the country, and Tessa who is a Boris daughter (half sister to Mac) is a super bitch and a perfect fit for a dog like Mac. 

This breeding will be taking place purely for the benefit of producing strong KNPV type dogs. So that is my only association with Micheal Szita!

Mark, in future, before you try to tarnish someone and make false acquisition about them, show a bit of professionalism and have the decency of knowing who the person is first. 

Have a good night. Sam

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Hi Sam, when you fly with crows you get shot at. You need to look at who you do business with. Szita does not vaccinated nor microchip his dogs. Andri's dog, which was litter mates with Tessa, was sickly from day one and died of parvo. Zsita'a site is fraudulent and a scam.
Perhaps Police stood talk to you, as your in bed, with a convicted criminal & known fraudster who fled Australia one step ahead of the Law who Police are now after.

Dogs are not xrayed for hips ,elbows nor spine. So you intend to mate with Tessa knowing these facts. Tessa must be what, 9mths old now, so to young for xrays yet you have already decided to mate with her. MMM very professional

Funny how your in Sydney and Zsita list this on his home page " Florianopolis, Brazil - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Sydney, Australia.

So Sam you expect me to believe his is not you?



Mac (Dhr. S. Torrisi, Sydney, NSW, Australia) BRN



Tessa (Dhr. M. Szita, Geelong Victoria, Australia) BRN 26073

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