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Working Malinois Frozen semen for sale

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Working Malinois Frozen semen for sale

Doc Van Het Dreiland -BH, IPO3 (HD-A)
A direct son of the famous A’tim (NVBK). There has not been many collections made from many of A’tims direct sons. I bought this collection after seeing the dog and spending 2 weeks with him and his owner back in 2009/2010. I was planning on using it on my bitch but she did not take as she was too old. I have a few breeding units for sale so if you are interested please contact me on jaywr250@yahoo.com.au (Melbourne, Australia)
Please see below for some information on Doc Van het Dreiland. If you need more information on the dog or a semen quality I will be able to provide it. I am only interested in selling this to serious breeders not tyre kickers and back yard breeders.
IPO 3 fin. WM-BB 09'40. 11'35. , FCI 09'17.
BH - sociabiliteitstest sint hubertus –
GHP 1: 99 - 96 - 98=293
GHP 2: 99 - 97 - 96=292
GHP 3: 97 - 95 - 96=288
winning first selection game 99-93-93=285
winning 2nd selection game 100-93-97=290
2nd place 3th selection game:90-96-98=284
winning 4th selection game:99-98-97=294
Doc is very stable in character and temperament on and off the field, He is social a dog but can be strong headed and has allot of personality. He has good drives and very strong commitment to his work. Doc has a body structure which is very square with strong bones and head. His coat and pigmentation are also very rich in colour.
Docs has offspring’s in the KNPV (Dutch Police Dog Program), IPO, Mondio Ring, Obedience, Search & Rescue Dogs and other type of ring sports. He also has two siblings working as police dogs in Finland. Doc is consistently producing puppies that are big boned with good structure, pigmentation and solid nerves.
Here is a link to the working dog.eu site which will show more on his pedigree- http://www.working-dog.eu/dogs-details/75004/Doc-van-het-Dreiland



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