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Mark Williams

Litter for Sale

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We have mated Hummer (Dhr. A.L Kok, Erlecom) BRN 17137 PH I 432 to our Hummer daughter Noose


Hummer is an extremely well bred KNPV Dutch Shepherd. You could not ask for more in a pedigree. He is a son out of the legendary Django Sommers bred to the equally legendary Arko Kikkert, Suttle’s sister, Noa.


Hummer is an open and social male and displays no handler aggression towards his owner. He has an exceptional nerve threshold and settles easily when not required to work. As Hummer is a ¾  brother to Boris and Djaiko he also possess the same level of courage and hardness, with extreme drive levels and combative instinct.


With his tiger/brindle markings, Hummer is a very impressive looking Dutch Shepherd. He is very agile with an athletic construction and weighs 39 kgs

Noose is a very good example of what her bloodline has to offer. Noose has high balance drives, good nerves and territorial aggression of the family property, an important trait that we like to see in our working dogs. When she is not working, Noose settles quickly and is a pleasure to own.


We expect this combination to produce high balanced drives, good nerves and natural aggression. Our passion is to produce exceptional working Dutch Shepherds and Malinois’ from KNPV bloodlines. Therefore our puppies are very reasonably priced so others may have the same opportunity to enjoy these exceptional canines


Both sire & dam have bomb proof nerves. 4 Males & 4 Bitches

Heavy Line breeding on


1-2 Hummer

2-3 Django
2-3 Noa/Arko Kikkert, Suttle’s sister

3-4 Max

4-5 Duco 11


These pups are priced to sell to working homes price at $1000 contact Mark on 0401 800 992


All Sold. Thanks for all the inquiries.

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