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Dutch Shepherd Litter Arriving in April

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Boris (Imp Bel) MRII


Boris currently the only Dutch Shepherd male in Australia with a recognised working title. Boris is titled in Mondioring II with an excellent working pedigree, being the son of Tommy (Lewin).

Boris has an extremely hard bite, highly driven and an intimidating nature. Boris loves work is all-round and exceptional dog. I have found Boris to be easy to work and he has a good ability to read most situations in a working environment.




Meggie (Imp Bel) IPO1


Meggie is an all-around great dog. Calm nerves highly driven. Meggie currently lives in a family environment but in the past she has been a demo dog. She is environmentally sound social and has all the great attributes that is the Dutch Shepherd Dog.



Progeny from Boris and Meggie are available for inspection. I will post more photos in the new few weeks.


This will more than likely be the last breeding of this pair.


Two females have been booked already from this litter.


$3000 per pup.


Private buyers:  Deposits are required to secure a pup $300


Government agencies: purchase order is required to secure a pup.


Due to uncertainty in breeding deposits will be refunded within 7 days if the order for the pup cannot be filled. Terms of sale are also applicable on these dogs.


More details HERE


Contact me at info@workingdutchshpherds.com.au




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Do you still breed from this pairing? Looking at getting a dutchie in a year or two and so far these are the only dogs in Aus. that are registered that have proven working ability in the form of titles.

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