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  2. Schutzhund club in Perth,WA

    Hi Ives, any luck with the club?
  3. Do you still breed from this pairing? Looking at getting a dutchie in a year or two and so far these are the only dogs in Aus. that are registered that have proven working ability in the form of titles.
  4. Ready to be bonded with a suitably experienced handler/owner. This dog has strong natural defence & offence civil drives, he has been developed on man work and is not aid focused- he is a serious dog that is suitable for street work (law enforcement/security/pp) This dogs civil drives make him unsuitable for sporting- or any play based sports. He is balanced in temperament, willing and workable...he has good play drives and excellent focus. A very confident, strong nerved dog who has passed assessments on the street, multiple helper, in buildings and in other high distraction environments. He has been handled by both women and men, and shown stability. Vet work, hip and elbow score. DM test and DNA profiling is completed and up to date. Registered Pedigree with main papers. If you a looking for a large dog with uncapped potential, this is your boy. Contact email : rcox@ozemail.com.au
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